Production – packaging – transportation

We make every effort to use quality raw materials from Hungary. Our peat fields located in Hungary will ensure the supply of quality raw materials for our plant units for the next 20 to 30 years.

Potting soils are produced and outgoing goods can be collected at our establishments in Mezőlak and Pomáz.

Our preparing and packaging lines are located in a nearly  2 x 2 000 sqm production hall covering all needs. Sorting of potting soil raw materials by recipe is made by a PC-controlled soil mixing equipment, which doses and mixes the components of potting soils such as different peat types, compost, upper layer soil, sand etc. according to a programme. The mixing line is responsible for pre-screening, sorting out metallic impurities, grinding and screening the mixture.

Sacks are filled, sealed and put on the conveyor belt automatically by filling machines. In the last phase of the two-channel system sacks are placed on pallets with the assistance of a palletising line. Finished products are packaged by an automated foliation equipment. The microprocessor controlling provides great flexibility, reliability, easy operability and facilitates repair and maintenance.

The packaged finished goods are stored in a 2x2000 sqm covered hall and a 20 000 sqm area outdoors. Our warehouses offer immediate goods collection according to customers' needs.