Corporate history, business activity

Our basic philosophy: quality at an affordable price!
With the beginning of the 21. century we are facing the new challanges of a dynamically changing world requiring us to continuously adapt to market needs.
We make every effort to produce goods, which consist of components selected on the basis of careful examinations and distributed to users by performing constant quality controls. Our potting soils and liquid fertilisers are made of quality-controlled raw materails with the help of modern production lines and skilled workers on the basis of carefully designed recipes.
All this can only be guaranteed by operating a modern, well-organised and efficient plant. Our company has a modern production hall, a well-equipped warehouse and highly skilled workforce jointly providing an overall logistics background for implementing our motto: Producing "quality at an affordable price".
TERRA-TŐZEG Tőzegfeldolgozó Kft.The company started its activity in 2009 and has been controlled since 2012 by TERRACOTTA , a company group acquiring the market leading brand name ’GARRI’ well-known to the Hungarian market for over 20 years. The short and easy-to-memorise company name is a product of imagination derived from the word guarantee and the name Gaia (Mother Earth).
Our basic activity is made up of producing, packing and wholesaling potting soils and liquid fertilisers. By continuously expanding our product portfolio we are by now able to offer suitable potting soils for potting all kinds of plants available indoor or in the garden, peat and mature cow manure for soil improvement purposes, different kinds of pine barks for ground covering and liquid fertilisers for fertilising.
We use modern packaging technologies and the long-term experiences of our edaphological laboratory when producing and developing our high standard product range.